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UMS is upon us! 

The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase is upon us! This is the sweatiest, most raucous, most joyful four (actually, five this year) days of music in Denver. It's hard to say what's the greatest thing about the UMS - the spirited performances from favorite acts, or the accidental discoveries. Punk rock mayhem at Three Kings or exquisite folk-pop at South Broadway Christian Church.

I have very clear memories of sitting at the bar at Gary Lee's with Amanda in 2014, listening to a set by a band called the Belle Jar, and wondering whether we'd ever get the chance to play some of our noisy sad bastard tunes as part of this grand event. Well, it's 2016, and here we are, about to play them, with the Belle Jar's own Courtney Wilson! This has easily been the most exciting year of our musical lives, but getting to play a small part in the mayhem and wonder of the UMS has a special significance for me.

We're playing the Hornet Saturday at 6. If you're a UMS regular, you know the drill. If you've never been, there's no better way to discover your new favorite band.

I'll mention just a few friends and favorites playing the festival this year, but again, half the thrill of UMS is planning your ideal festival, while the other half is discovering music you've never heard before:

Anthony Ruptak - South Broadway Christian Church, Sunday at 6
Bison Bone - South Broadway Christian Church, Saturday at 5
Helicopter Copter - Baere Brewing, Friday at 7
Jen Korte & The Loss - Baere, Saturday at 5
Kid Reverie - Irish Rover, Sunday at 8
Kissing Party - Irish Rover, Friday at 9
New Mexican - Baere, Saturday at 7
Patrick Dethlefs - SBCC, Saturday at 9
Poet's Row - SBCC, Friday at 11
Porlolo - 3 Kings, Friday at 8
Safe Boating is No Accident - Gary Lee's, Friday at 7
San Fermin - Main Stage, Sunday at 7:30
Shady Elders - 3 Kings, Sunday at 5
Strange Americans - Hi-Dive, Thursday at 11
Strawberry Runners - 3 Kings, Saturday midnight
The Take - Irish Rover, Sunday at 6
Tomahawk Fox - SBCC, Saturday at 6

That's just a small sample of the amazing talent! I'm feeling sweaty already. Hope to see you at the UMS!



The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase is four days of music, sweat, and pure awesomeness, and we are extremely pleased to announce that Automatic Iris will be joining the lineup for the 2016 UMS! We've been attending the UMS as fans for years and have witnessed a lot of unforgettable performances. We're very excited to be part of this Denver music tradition!

EP Update 

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us at the Hi-Dive last Friday - we hope you had as much fun as we did! We are incredibly grateful to the Hi-Dive, Safe Boating is No Accident, Blanket Empire, and of course the amazing Nick Sullivan for the chance to celebrate with you. We all, I think, learned something about lobsters.

If you're looking for the EP, it's available for download RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE, as well as through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and CD Baby. Physical CDs are available at Denver's awesome record stores Twist and Shout and Wax Trax (SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RECORD STORE!), or online through CD Baby or Amazon. Physical CD ordering options coming soon to this website as well.

It's Here! 

"Escape Routes" is now available for purchase and digital download right here on this website! If you want a physical object to place in your old-fashioned "cd player," to enjoy Scott and Merne's fine artwork, or to use as a coaster, you can get one in person at the Hi-Dive tonight, or order one through CD Baby at Other ordering options (this website, Amazon, etc.) coming soon.

Very superstitious 

Friday the 13th! Tomorrow! We could not be any more excited to release our EP into the world, like a pet alligator grown alarmingly big. Come celebrate with us us TOMORROW NIGHT at the Hi-Dive with Blanket Empire and Safe Boating is No Accident, or download the songs or order a CD right here on this website! It also should be available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and the like within a few days.


Only two days until "Escape Routes" launches!

Pictured: Buran, the Soviet space shuttle. Arguably a safer design than the American orbiter, it flew in space only once before the program was abandoned in the early 90s. Prototype OK-7M ignominiously ended up in Gorky Park where it "served as a not-as-popular-as-expected attraction, a small restaurant, and bicycle storage."

Hey, a video! 

Automatic Iris's multi-talented violinist/keyboardist/vocalist/accordionista/chief science officer Courtney Wilson made this video for I Dare You. Watch it here:


I Dare You: Debut Single OUT NOW! 

To kick off the celebration of our upcoming EP release, Escape Routes, we’re excited to share the first track, I Dare You, for streaming and FREE download, right here. Take a listen, then meet us at the Hi-Dive on Friday, May 13th with Blanket Empire and Safe Boating is No Accident! You can also sign up for email notifications right here on this brand new website!

Safe Boating is No Accident and Strange Americans to open for legendary Guided by Voices 

Guided by Voices is a singular institution in American rock and roll. Robert Pollard is a superhuman songwriting force, producing an astoundingly prolific stream of surreal images, stick-in-your-head melodies, and just plain old American punk rock energy. That's why we are so unbelievably excited that our friends, Denver bands Safe Boating is No Accident and Strange Americans, are opening for GBV at Summit Music Hall this Saturday, April 30:

Anyone who knows us knows that we love Strange Americans and Safe Boating is No Accident, both as musicians and human beings. Congratulations, gentlemen, on sharing the stage with a true rock and roll legend!
Amanda recently was featured in this musical tribute put together by Open Air's Dave Fender, celebrating the late, great Gene Wilder with a true supergroup of Colorado musicians:

Celebrating Gene Wilder

  • A Colorado Wilder supergroup:
    •  Amanda Gonulsen - Vocals (Automatic Iris)
    •  Scott McCormick - Piano (Lee Avenue)
    •  Guy Stapleton - Guitar (Poet’s Row)
    •  Joshua Trinidad - Trumpet (Go Star, Wheelchair Sports Camp)
    •  Neil McCormick - Bass (Safe Boating is No Accident, Kid Reverie)