A hard rain's gonna fall

We've been busy playing quite a few shows (including supporting some of our favorite institutions, the Denver Public Library and Girls Rock Denver), so not much posting here. But I wanted to share a particularly exciting event.

About a year and a half ago, in May 2015, Automatic Iris played our first-ever show at an amazing do-it-yourself music festival called Faceman's Journey to the Sun. It was a wonderful and terrifying place for our first appearance as a band, surrounded by dozens of amazing acts, with a homemade rocketship hanging somewhat ominously overhead.

Well, Faceman (aka Steve) is doing it again, this time with an even bigger event called Faceman's 100 Year Storm. 69 bands over two days at the Oriental Theater. It's a hell of a lineup, with many of our favorite bands including (but not limited to!) The Outfit, Strange Americans, Bison Bone, Safe Boating Is No Accident, Altas, Chris McGarry, Poet's Row, Bleak Plaza, Kissing Party, Anthony Ruptak, the Far Stairs, Tomahawk Fox, the Filthy Casuals, and many, many more . . . and of course Faceman. If you love Denver music, this is your opportunity to mainline the stuff.

Hope to see you at the Oriental!

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