Our Story

The automatic iris is a component used to control the surveillance cameras that monitor your every move. Automatic Iris, however, is an American rock band from Denver, Colorado, and soundtrack for the nights you’re too proud to give in to your regrets.

Songwriters Amanda Gonulsen and Michael Saul met in folk music school before going electric and subsequently getting expelled for distortion pedal abuse. The band’s original pop songs incorporate sweet harmonies, filthy distortion, and tales of smart people making poor decisions. In 2013 Amanda and Michael joined forces with multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and New Wave scholar Glenn Hermanson to form Automatic Iris. The full band now features multi-instrumentalist Courtney Wilson (The Belle Jar), and drummer Ryan Elwood (Natalie Walker, Voodoo Kings, Wonderlic, Chris McGarry & The Insomniacs). The band members’ professional careers include enterprise software, environmental law, finance, and neuroscience.